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Full Version: NUFC v Wolves
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The boycott is off for whatever reasons same thing every year. Let’s just hope for 3 points. I will go for a 2-1 victory. Let’s just forget the politics and get behind the team Big Grin
Draw. Or maybe 1 - 0 win.
After waiting around patiently all day, was panicking when I saw fuckarl on Reddit yet - dawned on me its the morra at 4pm. Doh!
I fucking hate football what the fuck was that ending all about? We always concede late can’t manage the game such is life I suppose sums our season up really. We deserved at least a point Wolves very fortunate. Mike Dean is a twat aswell.
That second half was as scrappy as fuck - both teams were dogshit poor
Well, back to the usual routine apparently.
(10-12-2018, 01:38 AM)veriaqa Wrote: [ -> ]Well, back to the usual routine apparently.

I thought we were rather unlucky yesterday still doesn't change the result. Next two games are massive.