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Full Version: Hoo Scriv!
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Woodford Reserve is on offer in Tesco. £20 a bottle.
Yowser. Now I find out... it's shut!

Thanks for the heads up, I'll get some the morra
Sent the Mrs to Tesco - that offer wasn't on. All was not lost however, as she diverted to AsDA and picked up JD at £16 so cant grumble
I usually bring back a couple or three bottles of JD back home from France but have noticed this year that the cheese eating surrender monkeys have ramped up the price to over 20 euros and the best I could find it was on "Offerto" of -1 Euro. i.e. 19.81 euros. Considering there's always offers on in the various Supermarket its a no brainer not to bother. Case in point went to the nearby Sainsburys "local" store today where I snaffled myself a bottle for £17.

You can usually find me mooching around the spirits aisles of supermarkets like a two bit whore in need of a fix.

I think its must just be the popularity of Jack pushing the prices up. Case in point I got myself a bottle of Wild Turkey for 17 euros last week. It was a toss up between that and Jim Beam for 15. Haven't had turkey for a while and it evaporated quite nicely. Shame I didn't have my wits about me and bring a case back. cos I just checked online and its usually knocked out at around £23. I had a fleeting moment of madness thinking I could head back own the ports and across the channel before I realised the cost effectiveness or lack thereof hardly justified it.

Fucking hindsight is a wonderful thing - I enjoyed that Wild Turkey. Previously I had thought it had a rather antiseptic flavour when I was imbibing it on a regular basis, but since I haven't had one for a while it was as smooth as owt. Sigh.

Never mind, at least I still brought back a few decent bottles and boxes of red as cheap as chips relatively speaking. Wished I had brought back a few more of the 2014 Merlot @ 9 Euros, it was fucking lush between the beer and the last of the JD last night. The French keep all the good stuff and send us the overpriced dregs. I once bought wor lass a bottle of white for a euro for a laugh. I watched her expression as she took her first glug but instead of wincing she gave an appreciative smile. I tried it and instead of being the equivalent pf lemon juice it was comparable to anything that would cost you well over a fiver over here.
I got some Turkey in the Tesco Express in Jesmond at the weekend for £17.

You may have noticed that the alcohol has dropped to 40.5%. It used to be 50 I think.
Wtf were you doing in Jesmond? Have you moved back oop north?

Dint notice the alcohol content. I'm sure the 50 proof is the American standard equal to our 40% abv. Any road, you're the fken Scientist so can you provide a definitive answer, none of this "I think" nonsense.

Moving on to other matters, can we have some rainbow smileys for Pride week?
I was up for a weekend as went to a do on the Saturday night.

In the US proof is twice the ABV %. So a 40% whiskey will be 80 proof.

Wild Turkey 101 is still available. It has 50.5% ABV.
ooooo. I fancy trying a bottle of that Wild Turkey Rye
Just got meself a 16 poond torkey from Tesco.
(14-08-2019, 07:45 PM)sossujrurl Wrote: [ -> ]Just got meself a 16 poond torkey from Tesco.

                             Bit  early  for  xmas  shopping   Huh Cool
6teenff or gust
You can get a canny deal for an Xmas tree on Boxing day
Not much of the Torkey left. I wonder if the offer's still on.

One advantage of proximate Yank military bases is the variety of bourbon in the supermarkets.
From my not inconsiderable experience deals fluctuate from brand to brand and supermarket to supermarket. They can tend to follow one another as well. EG if Sainsburys put and offer on say JD, Teso, asda etc will follow.

Often it makes no sense. Recently in Sainsburys, a 75cl bottle of JD was £26, right next to the offer of a 1 litre bottle for £22 so try and rationalise that fecker!
I've seen that plenty of times with the 1 litre being less than the bottle. I don't try to rationalise it, I just take advantage.
Sink a litre bottle in one sitting and then try and say "Rationalise"
Why when I can get my pink dragon to say it for me?
Tesco's - JD - £18 a litre, or Woodford Reserve 70cl for £20? Decisions, decisions. Fuck it, I'll have em both.
I am going drinks shopping tomorrow always buy far too much it stays in the cupboard/garage for months. End up buying a nice selection of beers as that tends to be my chosen drink. I like spirits like gin and tonic,brandy after a good feed but I tend to over do it with them home measures tend to be generous and that also can cause problems haha. You would think at my grand old age I would know better apparently not.