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Full Version: Closer than we think?
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We could still get sucked into a battle to stay up. I think Cardiff have some winnable games. Hope we can get a couple more victories. We should have won on Saturday. I went don’t get to many games these days. Two average sides really but there you go. I think Leicester will beat us on Friday hope I am wrong.
I agree, Leicester will beat us and relegation battle will be our end of season story. And I think it will be a sad ending.
Well what a fucking game that was. Safe loving it whatever I said bollox to it I do believe we are safe.
38. I believe we are safe.
We won't be safe until I say we're safe.
Say  it  Soss, say  it Big Grin Cool
I'll announce it when we can all have a pint Big Grin

How are you doing anyway? How's that bloke with the harp?
He's  changed  to  Stella     Rolleyes Cool
Took me a moment then I stayed sharp to the bottom of the glass.
Rafa has always said we would be safe with 38 points. I don't think we are mathematically but pragmatically we are. I think.
Cardiff is 10 points away from us with 5 games left. Two of those games are against Liverpool and manchester red. So... maximum 9 points to gain?
Safe as houses famous last words!
Indeed! Not as if the Notre Dame is in any danger is it?
Now we're safe.
not yet...
Well we are now with Liverpool’s result at Cardiff so that’s it then job done. 3 more wins=50 points dream on . More likely finish with what we have.
Officially safe
Yes, we are now officially safe. Unless the FA dock us points 'cos Ashley's a cunt.
Brighton lost again its all set up for them to beat us on Saturday. Thought about a trip down there but our bit is sold out so I will watch it on the box. We can relax and go and play with freedom they will be edgy as fuck! We never play well at their place not sure why just one of those grounds I guess.
It's all about how far we can move up the table now for the extra cash. Downside for Ashley is he will have to pay out extra bonuses - he'll be looking at "imaginative" accounting practices...
Without Almiron and the Rafa worry we may struggle to get another win.