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Appy borthda Sossuj - The Turd - 03-01-2019

Just clipping round twatter....seen it a the bosss borthda...have a good one auld twit.
Not been here for a while as the alcohol has forgot both me login and password the thick ginna inself cunt!!
Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

Best try and stay logged in for further posts
Oh......and fuck Ashley ⚫️⚪️⚽️

RE: Appy borthda Sossuj - surreymag - 04-01-2019

It was my eldest daughter’s birthday yesterday aswell. Hope you had a good day.

RE: Appy borthda Sossuj - sossujrurl - 04-01-2019

Cheers lads. Aye it was alright but I was back at work Wednesday and now I'm totally shattered.

RE: Appy borthda Sossuj - BFT - 05-01-2019

Many happy returns Mr Rurl.

And nice to hear from TT.  Hope all is good with you and the family mate

RE: Appy borthda Sossuj - Scrivenator - 05-01-2019

Yayyy!!!!  Nice to see you back TT!!!!!!!! Smile Smile

'appy buthda sozz  Smile

RE: Appy borthda Sossuj - Big aRSe - 07-01-2019

Happy BDay Sossy baby. Alreet TT. Hope your keeping well