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How things change - surreymag - 18-01-2019

Been out tonight had a few beers. Witherspoon’s local then local football club. Good prices but feel like I am trying to live my Youth again, I feel a bit drunk which is nice but the whole evening has been a struggle.I just think age has caught up with me at 60 I guess I have other things to worry about. Big Grin Angel

RE: How things change - Big aRSe - 19-01-2019

You’re only as old as the woman you feel!

RE: How things change - sossujrurl - 19-01-2019

What if he feels gender fluid people? Don't discriminate!

RE: How things change - enrique - 19-01-2019

Is "gender fluid" what happens after 7 pints of Guinness Undecided Cool

RE: How things change - Scrivenator - 24-01-2019

Ashley never changes unless it's for the worse, parasitic twat.