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PEACHY - BFT - 16-02-2019

is he still not back fron the Chippy yet like?

RE: PEACHY - BFT - 22-02-2019

He's just got back now.

But the daft bastad got vinegar on WHICH I DID NOT ASK FOR so the batter's soggy as fuck Rolleyes

RE: PEACHY - Scrivenator - 24-02-2019

Vinegars lush on Fish and chips. Goes together like ham and pease pudding

RE: PEACHY - sossujrurl - 24-02-2019

Best put on at home though. Otherwise it makes everything soggy.

RE: PEACHY - Earl Bentwilly - 25-02-2019

I dont like soggy chips

RE: PEACHY - cuntyballs - 01-03-2019

(25-02-2019, 01:09 PM)Earl Bentwilly Wrote: I dont like soggy chips

Hoo Norms missed you lots xxx, where the fuck you been Heart

RE: PEACHY - BFT - 04-03-2019

I dont really mind soggy chips too's the soggy batter I cant be doing with.  I just wanted to punch Peachy's face in tbh.

And I missed norms too Sad

RE: PEACHY - surreymag - 04-03-2019

Soggy batter is proper shit especially when you have opted for cod instead of the usual pie and the batter it’s cooked in is soggy. Shouldn’t be allowed.

RE: PEACHY - BFT - 04-03-2019

I bet you all like saggy baps though

RE: PEACHY - surreymag - 04-03-2019

(04-03-2019, 02:25 PM)BFT Wrote: I bet you all like saggy baps though

Now you are talking Big Grin

RE: PEACHY - The Turd - 04-03-2019

I don’t have an option ?

RE: PEACHY - Earl Bentwilly - 31-03-2019

There is always an option