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Home form - surreymag - 04-03-2019

This has really picked up over the last couple of months ever since we beat Man City. How do we think we will get on v Everton, Palace and Southampton. I think we will pick up 7 points and that will be us safe.

Everton W 2-1

Palace D 1-1

Southampton W 2-0

RE: Home form - BFT - 04-03-2019

They could be a few tricky fixures really.  I would happily take 4 or 5 points - that would keep us ticking along nicely

RE: Home form - surreymag - 04-03-2019

Again that would be enough to see us safe I think. Supposed to be going up for the Palace game. Knowing my luck it will be switched because of a Palace win in the Cup. I know a lot of Palace fans it’s the nearest club to where I live. Most of them are ok unlike a lot of Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal supporters many of them are dicks when it comes to knowledge of football.

RE: Home form - The Turd - 04-03-2019

Would take three draws if I’m enough to keep us up.

RE: Home form - veriaqa - 05-03-2019

Everton - lose.
But I think we could get at least 2 points from Southampton and Palace.

RE: Home form - surreymag - 09-03-2019

What a cracking result that was. Get the fuck in.

RE: Home form - enrique - 09-03-2019

I  don't  know  what  Perez  has  for xmas,but  he  becomes  transformed in  the

second  half  of  the  season(same  last  season).

My  motm  today. Great  game  and  great  result   Big Grin Big Grin Cool

RE: Home form - BFT - 10-03-2019

Aye,  I'm not his biggest fan but thats probs the best I've seen him play today

Really enjoyed the macth (well the second half anyway)

The result was much needed anarl with Southampton and Cardiff winning