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Rafa gone - sossujrurl - 24-06-2019

His contract won't be renewed come Sunday. Backwards we go once more.

RE: Rafa gone - veriaqa - 25-06-2019

Relegated again?

RE: Rafa gone - surreymag - 25-06-2019

Same old NUFC another season of misery awaits us. We love it really maybe not.

RE: Rafa gone - Scrivenator - 01-07-2019

I've been abroad for the past month and its been a right fuck on keeping abreast of these developments. Nevertheless it was always evident which way this was always going to pan out.

Just when you thought Ashley could pass no misery onto the club, the fans and the region he surpasses himself. The bloke is an utter cunt. No way is he even interested in selling the Club. these rumours are just yet more lies. I'm done with the club, they are going down again and aren't coming back any time soon.