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First two games - surreymag - 18-08-2019

Expected to get nowt v Arsenal the real eye opener was the Norwich game we were awful they played us off the park. Oh well Spurs and Liverpool away in the next 3 weeke can’t wait Big Grin  Rolleyes

RE: First two games - sossujrurl - 18-08-2019

We're completely fucked.

RE: First two games - exenrique - 18-08-2019

2  :  5  :  3  formation  is  neither  defensive  or  attacking.

                            Take  a  look  around  Mr.  Bruce  and  see  if  Rafa  left

                             any  training  and  coaching  manuals  behind.

RE: First two games - Scrivenator - 21-08-2019

I reckon he'll mix it up a bit and mebees play a 3 : 5 : 2 in the next game. One of them combinations anyway.

RE: First two games - surreymag - 15-09-2019

Spurs result a real surprise then back to normal point v Watford a game we should have won,out of the cup and no upset v Liverpool but not as bad as I thought it would be in general terms. Need 3 points v Brighton next time out doesn’t mean it will happen haha!!