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Crypto sports betting 2020 - gytis444 - 05-04-2020

I know it's not the best time, but maybe it is, cause I believe our currency is going to shitSmile If you are looking to make a move from betting with your home nations' currency to betting with Cryptocurrency, then it is essential to understand what you are doing, and the differences between the two. Here are many advantages to betting crypto. good luck -> crypto betting

RE: Crypto sports betting 2020 - Scrivenator - 05-04-2020

That's too cryptic for me.

You do know this is a football forum and not the Financial fucking Times?

RE: Crypto sports betting 2020 - BFT - 05-04-2020

It was already on its arse anyway but this Covid carry on is the final nail in the coffin for Matched Betting

I made just over 25k out of it though so can't complain