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Season start...wetsham - The Turd - 08-09-2020

See us with a win,I’ll be half cut by the time this kicks off mind so just send a text with any goals....
Predict a Toon win as they have a worse owner than us...apparently ?

RE: Season start...wetsham - surreymag - 09-09-2020

2-2 draw in my opinion.

RE: Season start...wetsham - surreymag - 13-09-2020

Will take a 2-0 win rare event in London.

RE: Season start...wetsham - exenrique - 13-09-2020

Deserved  win,  and the  new  signings all  performed.  Young  Lewis  at  L.B  showed  class. Can't  see  the

           Longstaffs  getting  much  p. league  game  time. Cool

RE: Season start...wetsham - Scrivenator - 13-09-2020

I very much liked the look of Callum Wilson and think he has the tools and the attitude to score double figures provided he keeps free from injury. Lewis as well had an impressive debut. I'm undecided about Hendrick. At times he looked clumsy on the ball yet showed good feet otherwise. Made one and took his own very well. I still think our stand out players to be Miggy and ASM.

It was a strange game. We were the better team, yet overall I thought it was a bit of a borefest. Wet Spam are dogshit so our win may have flattered to deceive. Time will tell.