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Lockdoon - The Turd - 08-09-2020

So I’ve found itshyte...graft stopped,made redundant....but had the first grant and done stuff on the house. Not had a wank for months with the wife being in view for months.
Still don’t know anyone that has died from it...I do however know lads that do...RIP to them.....numbers will go up as the cold flu season is coming...........sick of it being forced into me head now......2020 can fuck off,when it gets there can fuck off some more!

RE: Lockdoon - Scrivenator - 15-09-2020

Sorry to hear that bud. I thought you were working for yourself? Covid is a twat, more so the scratters who carry on regardless. What particularly pisses me off is the ignorant bassas who think because they wear a mask they are immune and hence walk right up your arse in the shops. It would have been better to keep to the owld 2m social distance rule, cos thats now out the winda cos these thick or ignorant fuckers have nee common sense.

RE: Lockdoon - sossujrurl - 15-09-2020

I wear a mask and I still keep away from people. They might have lops and their lops might have Covid.

RE: Lockdoon - BFT - 20-09-2020

Sorry to hear mate

I've experienced a similar wanking situation before so know exactly what you are going through

RE: Lockdoon - Scrivenator - 22-09-2020

(20-09-2020, 04:01 PM)BFT Wrote: Sorry to hear mate

I've experienced a similar wanking situation before so know exactly what you are going through

Come again?

RE: Lockdoon - sossujrurl - 22-09-2020

No just some mayo from my sarnie.

RE: Lockdoon - surreymag - 07-10-2020

See he is planning to shut pubs and restaurants in a lot of places up north. Not just up North the whole country from Thursday Nov 4th.

RE: Lockdoon - Scrivenator - 02-11-2020


so it continues...

RE: Lockdoon - sossujrurl - 02-11-2020

I was supposed to be going back full time today. I got a text yesterday saying not to go in.

RE: Lockdoon - Scrivenator - 07-11-2020

So how do you feel about that Soss, taking everything into account?

Personally, since I am retired, the effects of lockdown gave no adverse effect in that regard. How it affects me mainly, is that lockdown restricts travel, so I can no longer just up and off abroad as the mood takes me. Closer to home, its crazy how rapidly its implemented. Last week I was booked into a Caravan site for a week or so, in the next breath its cancelled.

I don't frequent any particular pub as a rule, just hop on a bus or Metro into toon early doors for a couple or three beers and mebees a bite to eat on a whim, but not since whenever, so that I can take or leave. Rather than nip to the shops most days, we now tend to do a big shop once every couple of weeks then the odd look out for incidentals. The upside is I'm saving a fortune with a downside I've fuck all to spend it on!

Christmas and New Year is cancelled, which I'm not inclined to care too much about, as I was working on those days more often than not. I dare say the biggest impact overall is not meeting up with friends and family.

My general view is, if its for the greater good, then fine, but I'll be livid if I find out the whole thing had been a con, or criminally mismanaged...

RE: Lockdoon - sossujrurl - 08-11-2020

It's a bit annoying because I lose all the momentum working Mondays and Fridays. I think something had to be done. It's the rate that this thing sweeps through populations and how many people are showing severe symptoms. They still don't know for sure whether asymptomatic carriers are spreading it. My guess is yes. I do feel we should be testing more people, and using the systems already put in place for such things instead of handing billions of public funds without scrutiny to inexperienced private companies run by their party's donors. If that's not corruption I don't know what is. I also think after the Cummings affair a lot of people decided 'fuck it' and then a lot of mini spikes happened.

Forcing school and university students back en masse can't have helped matters. Of course "education is important", but I suspect that other reasons were behind this decision. Can't have all that investor owned student accommodation sat empty not being rented can we? As for the schools - no need to work from home so go back to the office before your employers realise there's no need to lease such large properties. Decisions are made in favour of the rentier class, and have been since 1066. So I blame an archer from nearly 1000 years ago.

I haven't really done proper Christmas and New Year for a long time now. It's all a lot of fuss for nothing IMO. I'd rather just have a drink and eat loads. I'll probably spend Christmas Eve cooking up some food for the next few days so having to spend time doing stuff is minimal. If I'm not working that day that is.

RE: Lockdoon - Scrivenator - 08-11-2020


Two things I would like to mention that you highlighted.

1) The Cummings farce definitely stiffened the resolve of the proletariat. The response from the government wad a appalling and smacked of a cover up and generally alienated the public.

2) As far as I'm concerned, Schools and Universities are no more than a huge fucking Petri dish.

RE: Lockdoon - surreymag - 09-11-2020

I work in Education. The place I work in is a small unit for kids struggling to cope, so our numbers are low so it’s easier to social distance, sanitise etc. In larger schools it is more difficult my daughter works in a 6th form College and she says it’s difficult moving around the place ok in classrooms, but although people are supposed to wear face coverings many students don’t. Also because they travel from all over the area quite a distance at times the public transport is over crowded as are places like the local train station platforms. When I drive home from work I see groups of kids from local secondary schools walking home they are not social distancing. It’s not a surprise that there have been infections. At Uni the students are meant to stay in their rooms do their on line lessons and then not socialise. Not a chance of that happening. That’s not why people go to uni,well not most anyway! It’s a farce to pretend that this is what students are doing. Again Social distancing will be the last thing on their minds after pouring copious amounts of alcohol down their necks.

RE: Lockdoon - exenrique - 10-11-2020

On a  lighter  note.

                      When  the  B.B.C. I.T.V.  C.N.N.  Sky  call  to  interview  you  about  lockdown.

                      make  sure  you  are  sitting  in  front  of  at  least  3  bookcases  which  must  be

                     be  full  to  overflowing .  In  exceptional  circunstances   cds  and  dvds  can  be  used

                     to  fill  in  any  blank  spaces.                Smile Cool