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Toon v WBA - Scrivenator - 16-09-2020

Reckon we'll win 1 - 0

That game left more questions than answers. We are still shite.

Got to love Miggy though. If de Bruyne played that through ball for the goal, folk would be thrapping themselves senseless. Have a feeling Bacon heed doesn't see him as a starter which is madness. He should be one of the first names on the teamsheet imho.

RE: Toon v WBA - surreymag - 16-09-2020

I think you mean Brighton. I think it will be a 0-0 draw like both games last season.

RE: Toon v WBA - surreymag - 21-09-2020

Well that was very poor.

RE: Toon v WBA - sossujrurl - 22-09-2020

Your predicting skills have faltered somewhat. Is this another Covid-19 long term effect?

RE: Toon v WBA - surreymag - 22-09-2020

Yes totally deluded regarding Sunday’s debacle!

RE: Toon v WBA - Scrivenator - 22-09-2020

WTF are you two ganning on aboot?  Rolleyes Confused

We beat WBA 1-0 man!!  Exclamation  Cool