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Local Football - surreymag - 07-10-2020

I have been to watch my local team play 3 games now. They are in Ryman’s Premier League. There were over 300 there last night. Seems strange that I can go to these games but fans are not allowed in much larger stadiums. The gate money from last night and the money from season tickets the bar and the food bar all helps at this level. Makes me wonder whether small crowds could be allowed into Div 2 games, just a thought as many of those clubs must be struggling big time. Huh

RE: Local Football - surreymag - 17-10-2020

Even the local game was off today due to the opposition having players who have tested positive for Covid. I reckon they might stop spectators attending soon anyway.

RE: Local Football - sossujrurl - 19-10-2020

Potatoes wearing glasses?