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Top of the league
Seems we come out on top when ranked on percentage of stadium filled

1. NUFC - 99.21%
2. Swansea - 99.1%
3. Manchester United - 98.98%

Some interesting results, few shocks too imo ... leries/amp
It's fairly well attended throughout the top flight really. It'd be interesting to see how they arrived at these figures. Don't security features sometimes make some seats inaccessible or does that not happen any more? Also there are away teams not selling their allocation as well that will influence these figures. For example Sunday was a sell out crowd for us yet not the highest crowd of the season.

I wonder what the away tickets sold percentages look like. I bet we're up there with those as well.
Do Spanish fans in Malaga attend naked?

Seems a shame if not on those balmy sunny Southern Costa days

OK scarves allowed Cool
Its not really something to be shouting about Big Grin
(17-04-2018, 12:14 PM)Earl Bentwilly Wrote: Its not really something to be shouting about Big Grin

See what Enrique has to say he goes to watch Malaga Tongue

Sounds like that kid who got shot in the head
When  I  go  I  always  wear  my  vest

                   Malaga  going  down  this  season Sad
Quote:The team at the opposite end of the spectrum has filled out 99.21% of their stadium on average this season - and surprisingly it isn’t one of the “big six” clubs.

Surprise! Surprise!

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