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Rafa shouldn't sign
Without a written guarantee that he has an agreed amount to spend. Ashley shafts him again then he can walk without a fine - if not we all know what happens come August. TBH it will end badly sooner or later and Pulis or some similar failure will be installed to work on a 20 mill budget until the next relegation which will be a final nail as the better players will quit to once again fill Ashleys pockets rinse and repeat imo
A very bleak situation indeed Sad
I wouldn't underestimate just how shrewd RAFA is. I have every confidence he will be seeking cast iron guarantees written in stone before he even begins to entertain extending his tenure.

Unless he stays we are fucked. Ideally the fat one would sell, but he's already started his games by increasing the price of the club. If Ashley sells I will borrow one of Poz's blue pills and run round the pitch at St. James with a raging hard on. He has no intention of selling.

If Rafa does leave and FMA stays, the Club is doomed and we will tumble down the leagues like the great unwashed down the road.

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!

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