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After much humming and ha ing I've invested in a firestick. I've installed Kodi on it with the Sportowa app. Managed to get the Norwich - toon game on but the quality was a bit iffy and ended up watching it on a reddit stream on the desktop.

Since the Spuds game is on Sky I'm hopeful of more success...

Anyhoo, has anyone got firestick or similar, and if so any recommendations for decent apps for fillums and that? I also put Mobdro on but that was a bit shite anarl.

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
I've got a voucher for a Firestick as Prime video will stop supporting my BluRay player soon. I haven't redeemed it yet. I think it's £20 off. The last time they stopped supporting my BluRay player they sent me a voucher for the full price of a new one. The original one was bought using some of the winnings from a season's worth of footy bets during the 2009/10 season.
I quite like the Firestick. Its certainly fast and capable of delivering high quality video. Biggest downside is you cannot delete any of the generic apps - none of which I have any interest in so for me it tends to clutter up the home page. I was looking at an Nvidia Shield but it looks like they will be bringing out an updated model in or around November.

In terms of capability of providing good video the 4k firestick doesn't seem far short so for well over £100 less it seemed the better buy.

Downside is as previously said the clutter of the official apps and lack of decent storage space. I like the fact you can sideload a vpn on to mask activity.

I have piggy backed my brothers Amazon "prime" account and I think its a heap of shite. Any reasonably decent stuff on and you have to pay for it ffs. I have Netflix, which is okayish, but not great as sieving out the crap content is a chew on.

I watched a film he other day using the Kodi app and the stream and quality was flawless. I wonder what Duffy's views are. That cunt knows best about everything in 27 different languages. Except English.

I'll report back with an update after I see how I get on with the match on Sunday.

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!

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