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The Last Few Games - surreymag - 04-03-2019

Will we acquire enough points in our last 9 points to stay in this god forsaken league that is called the Premiership. We already have 31 points and the bottom 3 clubs could struggle to get that amount. 2 more wins should do it. So many teams bar the top 6 of a similar ilk. More of the same next season I would guess top 6 then the rest. My answer is yes we will acquire the points required the prospect is not filling me full of excitement having said all this.

RE: The Last Few Games - BFT - 04-03-2019

We'll be fine this seaon but fuck knows what will happen next season once big Rafa has gone

RE: The Last Few Games - surreymag - 04-03-2019

Yep that could be very interesting.

RE: The Last Few Games - veriaqa - 05-03-2019

I believe we could stay in this league.