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The Last Few Games
Will we acquire enough points in our last 9 games to stay in this god forsaken league that is called the Premiership. We already have 31 points and the bottom 3 clubs could struggle to get that amount. 2 more wins should do it. So many teams bar the top 6 of a similar ilk. More of the same next season I would guess top 6 then the rest. Oh well upwards and onwards or so we can hope.
We'll be fine this seaon but fuck knows what will happen next season once big Rafa has gone
Yep that could be very interesting.
I believe we could stay in this league.
The big question now is will Rafa stay? I somehow doubt it. If he does leave who would we like to take over? To be honest I have no fucking idea but at a guess I bet we end up with some yes man.
His contract end this year or next?

If this year then bye-bye Rafa.
ꦆꦫꦼꦁ ꦥꦼꦠꦏ꧀ ꦏꦼꦭꦩ꧀ꦧꦶꦏꦸ
This year - August I think. Check with Soss - he's not sure either  Big Grin

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
He signed a 3 year contract after we were relegated. So there was the promotion season, last season and this season. He said he'd only consider staying if Santa hats weren't installed on the forum smilies.
I still fancy a summer take-over and Rafa to stay.
Any talk about takeover would be another attempt from the fatguy to avoid buying any decent player.
ꦆꦫꦼꦁ ꦥꦼꦠꦏ꧀ ꦏꦼꦭꦩ꧀ꦧꦶꦏꦸ
Well first half we were comfortable second half Brighton turned up not so comfortable. Result was about right.
Predictions for final two genes. Liverpool will beat us 3-1 and I think the Fulham game will be a non event which will end in a 1-1 draw. Finish 1 point less than last year. I am going to the Fulham game £60 but it is not far from where I live so it would be rude not to. Always a decent day out at the Cottage but we do usually lose haha!
Good game we were unlucky to lose the free kick for their third goal was clearly not and a blatant deliberate handball not even a yellow card. Harsh result in the end but predictable makes last games of the season more interesting I suppose. Great effort from the team tonight.
Was a canny match.  We gave them a better game than I expected.

On the 75th minute I hoyed £50 on liverpool to win at 2/1 so I wasn't too displeased at the result Big Grin
Liverpool are a disgrace to football. Hoying themselves on the ground at every opportunity. The ref was shite as well for falling for it.
Well that was a pleasant day out on the banks of the Thames. £60 well spent for a change. Cracking atmosphere great way to finish the season. Over to you Mr. Ashley don’t hold your breath folks.
Nice way to end a season. Now over to ashley to ruin it for everyone
ꦆꦫꦼꦁ ꦥꦼꦠꦏ꧀ ꦏꦼꦭꦩ꧀ꦧꦶꦏꦸ
I think it's been a great day of football. I haven't seen the highlights of all the games yet but 8 goals in the Palace/Bournemouth match must be worth watching. You have to feel sorry for Man Utd fans with their bitterest rivals slogging out a Premier League title while they got tonked two nowt at home by fucking Cardiff. Or perhaps not Big Grin

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