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Rafa or King Kev?
Best NUFC manager?

Never seen the team so organised by ANY other previous manager as Rafa has achieved.

Basically a Championship squad due to underinvestment but on their day they beat Man United

Kevin Keegan days were heady and wonderful with electrifying moments and European nights.

Jury's out for me - as I love em both just about equally Cool
What a twat of a question. By that I mean its a great question, that's a twat to answer!

Tbh, I am unable to choose between them, each has similarities that without question each undoubtedly have phenomenal charisma, and great motivators with the capability to get the best out of a squad. And each just "gets" the fanbase.

Where they are the opposite of each other is the way they set up their play. Clearly an intellectual, Rafa is notoriously defensive, meticulous in his approach and setting out his game-plan. That doesn't stop at the first team, he has a firm idea in respect of how he visualises the entire infrastructure of the Club and how to implement it. Another way in which they are polar opposites, is that Keegan wore his heart on his sleeve, whereas Rafa plays perfect politics. I suspect I know who would be the more likely to win a game of [pker.

Keegan, was notoriously attack minded, setting his team up to play inspirational flair football. They weren't called the entertainers for nowt. Unlike Rafa though, he was I think rather short-sighted in some ways - a notable example being when he dismantled the reserves by withdrawing from competitive games.

That said, the teams that I saw Keegan put on the field were the best I am ever likely to see, bar none, and for that he has my undying gratitude and respect.

I wonder what the outcome of a match would be if Keegan put out one of his teams against one of Rafas. I fancy Keegans would wipe the floor with them if you consider the sheer quality and net value of his players compared with Rafa's - but then again when exactly did the scoreline of Rafas team suggest we ever got ploated?

If Rafa had comparatively similar funds, I reckon he would give us better "results" - but the seats of your pants excitement would be lacking.

My own philosophy especially after witnessing the Keegan era has always been I couldn't give a stuff about the league table, as long as I saw exciting football, so that perhaps should sway it towards Keegan. Rafa though has other qualities which provide a balance.

Nah, sorry, I cannot choose, they are equally the best we have ever had.

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
Well I can honestly say that has to be the best posted reply ever on this forum.
Unbiased, intellectual, correctly spelled, non-bigoted, considered, non-aggressive - well played Deff... I mean Scriv Cool
Just cos it was the first ever reply doesn't make it the best! I saw what you did there Bob...I mean Poz :-)

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
Im better than both
It’s difficult because of the different squads they are or were working with. Both are great managers in their own rights. I have to say that I loved watching those Keegan sides but would he have managed aswell with Rafa’s squad probably not. Still doesn’t answer the question. I will say Keegan because of the excitement his teams generated.
Hard choices, but Keegan still my favourite NUFC manager. At least until Rafa wins us something.
(06-04-2018, 01:17 AM)veriaqa Wrote: Hard choices, but Keegan still my favourite NUFC manager. At least until Rafa wins us something.
Good point - silverware talks Cool

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