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What the fuck you listening to?
A thread for your musical listenings

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - remix
In the car I was listening to a 70s CD one of those ‘Best Of jobs’I have to say I did sing along to a good number of the tracks. ‘I’m Not In Love’by 10cc took me back to the summer of 1975 when me and my mate worked in a Cheshire Home called Matfen Hall in Northumberland. There were some lovely young ladies working at the home at the time and some very pleasant lasting memories for that 16 year old adolescent lad that I was at the time.
Have been listening to my new double CD of Kathryn Tickel this week in the car. Well that and Talksport. Smile
Eva Cassidy  cd  [Image: rainbow.png]   Heart
I was listening to the radio and Annie Lennox came on so I had to go and turn on the amps and speakers - Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" can only be appreciated with full range audio. Feel that sub bass you fuckers Wink
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
Mark Murphy - Dingwalls
Tonight I listened to Machine Head who were playing the O2 Academy in the toon, very loud.
We need the headphones guy back from the old site, cant remember his name.
(31-05-2018, 12:43 PM)captain lard Wrote: We need the headphones guy back from the old site, cant remember his name.

Don`t sell Cabaye  Big Grin
Haha-aye brilliant, could not remember his name. It was all over really expensive heedfernes.
I'm rocking orbitals "tiny foldable cities"

For all you jazz buffs ( only me then )
(01-07-2018, 08:05 PM)enrique Wrote:

Elmore  James  blues  man

Comments spring to mind but best left unsaid Smile

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