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Saints v NUFC
Another weekend another loss. I wish I didn’t care but I do. Let’s win a few games ffs even if we end up in the bottom 3 let’s go with a bit of a fight.
1-0 to Saints can’t see us scoring!
I said I wouldn’t post any more of these but it’s made no difference we have still lost since I stopped doing them so what the fuck no one seems too fussed anyway can’t blame people really!
Our gasts are well and truly flabbered. I'd say there's a lot of complacency about the state of the club right now.

Southampton have been having a bit of a problem scoring themselves. Us being the charitable chaps we are these days could well help them end their barren run though.
1 or 2 for Southampton, zero for us. Another lose and one step closer to relegation. January can't come fast enough.
Not great but a point better than a loss. Poor game that’s for sure.

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