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This league is shit
Take the top six out of the equation and this league is average at best. For that reason alone we may well survive which will mean more of the same for the forseeable future not a lot to look forward to,as MA will remain. Only difference will be that RB will be replaced regardless of our finishing position,as I believe he will leave no matter what at the end of the season.
We will be stuck with MA if we keep winning games. I am not keen on that happening but am pleased that we are winning football matches again!
I don't believe the fat man will leave anyway. We're stuck with him for foreseeable future. So a win is most appreciated.

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
And Blackburn, and Everton, and us for sometime.
(27-11-2018, 10:06 PM)Ghostrider Wrote:
(27-11-2018, 06:33 PM)Scrivenator Wrote: Leicester?
They come under what I mentioned at the start.

"The premier league is basically choreographed in favour of the usual teams, with the odd tasty teaser of a so called lesser club thrown into the mix to give us all a sense of belonging and possibility of being able to play among those teams."

That's what I was asking if you were alluding to - no need to get your knickers in a twist  Cool Big Grin

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!

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