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Toon V City
Lets try again with this shoe-in of a game for Bruceys Boys

I'm giving up predicting a Miggy goal - not sure this lad should be allowed near a brothel
A realistic 0-3 for me to get our relegation campaign back on track

Our goal difference will definitely be worse at the end of this game. Knowing our lot we could go and win the game although very doubtful with our attack.
0-3 or worse sounds realistic enough to me.
At least 0 - 3

We may actually score, but no more than one. De Bruyne will ream us a new arsehole.

Haway the bump to earth!

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
That is a cracking result great stuff.
4 really good goals and an enjoyable game.

How did s*nderland do in round 2 of the cup?

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