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Various rumours including:
  • Qatar/BeIN had threatened to withhold future payments if sale went through, effectively blackmailing the PL
  • Other clubs (said to be Liverpool, Spurs and West Ham) objected to it
  • PL continuously moved the goalposts when asking for 'more information'
  • They couldn't reject it because of a lack of proof on all of the alleged 'offences'
The PIF had committed to investing £250m into the club over the next 5 years. They have also committed to invest in the city and its infrastructure. The PL have shown themselves to be a corrupt organisation who bow down to blackmail and favour certain clubs over others. They have deprived a football club, a city, a region and themselves of serious investment over the coming years. I wouldn't surprised if Qatari 'donations' have been made into offshore bank accounts belonging to these slimy cunts.
An interesting one is there has been a suggestion of a connection between Keys and the chairman of the premier league - who incidentally has a link to Barclays, with whom Amanda Staveley
is suing. Is the plot thickening?

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Gary Hoffman, aye.

What I do find difficulty in getting my head round, is the Statement from the consortium alluding it was down to finances. IE not a viable proposition as an investment given the present economic climate yada yada.

And in the next breath Amanda suggesting "Mike wasn't the problem" despite him demanding - and them agreeing - to an increase in the selling price. It doesn't make fucking sense and if its PR its pretty fucking crud

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
It's a done deal.

HTT said so and that is good enough for me
HTT made an appearance in the Toontastic forum asking how evertone was.
In the next breath, he goes,
"Me, these days I’m happily married to an amazing wife running my own successful family business with two amazing boys one of whom is at the Mackem elite academy, he’s six and is immensely talented, Even if I do say so myself. SMB that he is!
Anyway, again, I hope all you guys are safe, sound and well. Good to see this place hasn’t died a death...
Looks like we are soon to be rid of Ashley, hopefully happier days are ahead for our beloved club and indeed the world we live in, stay safe everyone!"

Just thought I'd point out that nee fucker actually asked how he was doing like Smile Smile

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
Fuck me thats the worst first post on a forum I've seen since Berb's on that Spurs forum

EDIT: Just realised it obviously wasn't his 1st post.  But still.....worra spack
Aye, that's the point I was making, perhaps not too well. He comes on, asks how everyone is, expecting hoping praying he will get a welcome cheerful reception, except everyone is like "meh"

Nevertheless, despite no-one giving a fuck he carries on regardless, his plan being to go to great pains to draw attention to himself and how successful he is. Only thing really missing is that he owns a Merc - not just any old Merc mind you.  Cool

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
He reminds me of Benny a bit the way he is always looking for attention and bragging aboot everything. Wouldn't be surprised if he was making most of it up anarl like Benny Bullshitter did
This link between the chairman and Barclays needs proper scrutiny. Is the fact that AS is suing Barclays just coincidental to all this, or am I just being cynical?

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
Apparently he’s taken the club off the market ffs.
What market?

I think the only credible bid was the Saudi one. The others were just attention seekers trying to grab some publicity. He acknowledges that he's going to be the owner over the next season at least. If someone made him the right offer and went through the PL's 'Not Considerably Richer Than The Top 6' test he'd trouser it and fuck off very quickly.
Well we can but hope otherwise there is fuck all to look forward to. I will continue to watch my local team and hope for a miracle for NUFC.
Do you know, I have a very strong feeling that this takeover is going to happen. Its clearly obvious that much is going on quietly in the background. The interested parties have been simply keeping their powder dry. The threat of action, whilst ostensibly brought by NUFC is I'm convinced been a collective decision by the interested parties.

The Lawyers concerned are heavyweights and the PL would be mad to take them on, even if they had the resources. I'm convincing myself they will capitulate and pass the takeover well before any action reaches the Court steps and hope its any time soon rather than later. Masters will be shitting himself that stuff will come out of the woodwork and in fact I'll be surprised if he is still in Office if we do get new owners. I am totally positive that the buyers and sellers are a determined bunch and have had a clear strategy for quite some time now!

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What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!
Well HTT said recently the deal is 100% dead. So that's that as far as I'm concerned. Its over.
Sitting in a tree

What do we want? Easter bonnets! When do we want em? Xmas!!

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